Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Seeing the forest..

I find myself clinging to the beautiful small things these days, the rays of sun through droplets of water on rain soaked branches of cedar trees one day and the next, the beauty of a forest through which I can see the many different trunks and ferns and small amounts of light dappling along the forest floor and through the branches. The various shades of greens and browns are astounding. The variety of creation from day to day is sometimes all that keeps me from losing it completely. It is good to know we have a Creator that delights in variety, and if He can and does have such a hand as this, then surely His hands are at work in our circumstances in an equally creative way. As frustrating as it seems, faith that as surely the sun will rise and reveal yet more beauty to behold, my Lord will bring all this to right and He will be shown as faithful.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


There are those times, late at night..or on a still and quiet afternoon, even in the very early morning hours, when your heart renders up those thoughts you have no words to speak. Those things that ache, the yearnings and pain that life has brought that you no longer have the strength to look at, much less name.
You hug yourself a little tighter, hold yourself a little more still, or rock just a slight bit more. Whatever it is that quells that surge threatening to overtake, but stays simmering just below the surface. Push it back, think about those things another time..perhaps they will be fewer and life will have sorted by then, you hope..but fearing you know it's likely not the case and one trial or hardship will be replaced with another. It seems to be the lot in life.
How did life come to this? My life in boxes, a house that's not our own, no roots, no feeling of being settled. Health issues continuously knocking. It makes me wonder, a lot, what the plan is. I second guess every decision now and wonder if they're the right ones to choose.

Faith is a hard won thing sometimes, even as a gift

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