Monday, October 24, 2011

Choosing happiness??!

I am noticing a disturbing trend lately.  Its disturbing because its wrapped up in a pretty package that looks good, makes you feel good - about yourself at least - and sounds good.  I'm talking about the current push to 'choose happiness' over all things, that's out there.  Now while I'm certainly one to say its no place to be in a deep dark hole, but anyone who really lives life KNOWS it isn't all a cheery bowl of joyfulness everyday.  Life happens!  Somedays there are just sad things that happen, and you have to be sad, or at least a little less than joyful about them.  Its called being REAL.
But that's not the point I have to make.  What is really concerning me is that this push to choose happiness is extremely self-centered.  Or at least it really seems that way to me.  Whatever happened to sharing happiness with others, bringing happiness to someone, to your fellow man, to your friends and neighbours??  Why is it all about taking happiness for yourself, choosing happiness for yourself?
We are bombarded with these messages that are so inward motivated that we are forgetting other messages that make a society worthy of each other.  Things like not finding a judgmental attitude funny.  Its NOT funny to see a teenager, or their parents, or another person being judgmental toward anyone, no matter what their profession or how they dress and act.  We should be teaching them the opposite.  How are they going to learn that any negative judgment towards another person is in fact being negative ..and at a time when we're supposed to be shoving all this positivity down their throats by constantly telling them to choose happiness.  Its a mixed signal in messages!  "Be positive all the time, choose happiness"  ..but its ok to act negatively and pass judgement, because after all, they're asking for it by acting/dressing that way ... that's not cool, and its not right.  Choosing happiness means sharing happiness and spreading it around.  We can't be SELFISH about the happiness we choose.  If we're truly embracing this choice of happiness and it's going to heart, there shouldn't be any room for the attitudes and feelings of negative judgement in us - and then finding it funny.

If a person is pointing something out, in concern for another out of genuine desire to help they aren't finding fault, so don't take that as judgement, it's concern.  Too many of us like to accuse the other of being judgmental because we don't want to hear what is being said to us.  A judgmental heart is someone who thinks its hilarious to point things out about someone, or finds it satisfying to pick at something about another, or just likes to find fault because it makes them selves feel better. There is no motivation towards the other person that is helpful or uplifting - no desire for their happiness.  There is no CHOICE for THEIR HAPPINESS involved.

There's that old saying..if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.  Well, to that I say.. FIND something nice to say, because when you don't say anything at all it says volumes about what you don't have to say.

*putting my soapbox away now*