Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today is one of those days where fall is tiptoeing into our world, there's a chill in the house and the furnace isn't working - not a BIG deal, its just the filter.  It was the thing that toppled me - it toppled me because I'm also trying to get the house cleaned and ready for a visit from my parents in a few days.  My daughter is having problems with her homework - which shouldn't be a surprise, she's had many problems with it throughout her school career and has worked around her learning disabilities spectacularly.  Even been on the honour roll a handful of times!  This is high school now, though, and a whole different kettle of fish, as they say - and those fish STINK!!
I am unable to help her with her Chemistry - already waaaay over my head (Facetime with Grandpa anyone??!), and her English paper, as easy as it sounds to me, is something she really needs to do for herself. I was struck with a feeling of complete helplessness in the situation this morning, my heart breaking for her inability to put the words to paper just added to my frustration that yet another thing in our home is broken.
Then a wholly and completely unexpected thing happened.

My husband came over, picked up my comb, and combed my hair.  He didn't say a word, he just combed my hair. When he was done, he put the comb down and went downstairs and I heard the sounds of him working on something.  Not sure what, but that doesn't matter.  I was a mess, but a good mess.  I felt so completely loved by that simple act.
It is the simple acts and words that mean the most.  Not the advice (and somewhat judgmental assumptions that you're not) to 'be happy and find joy', or 'look on the bright side', or 'get out of your comfort zone and push yourself' that help, its the everyday loving, in everyday acts.  The kind smiles, the 'what can I do for you's?' that mean the most.

..and now onto some homework!  oi.. Have a fabulous start of autumn :)

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