Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking through my office window

When I look through my in-very-sore-need-of-a-cleaning, office window, I see the various bird feeders we have.  They're all hung in and around the lower branches of the LARGE blue spruce tree - one of two that  reside in our front yard.  Its winter right now, and mostly what I'm looking at is snow.  Cold -20 something snow, plus a wind-chill.  I was not made for these temperatures.  I'm a west coast girl.
Every so often I see a nuthatch trip his way up and down the trunk, and then flit over to one of the feeders that has actual nuts in it and munch there for awhile (although I seriously doubt birds munch, but I like to take imaginative liberties).  Sometimes we have finches of some sort - I can hear them more than see them, and there's always the sparrows and chickadees that never leave.  We used to see a group of 6-8 grouse (some call them prairie chickens, but that sounds so...crass... to my ear) that would eat the seed other birds flung to the ground in their hurry to feast when they feeders are filled.  I think they may have become dinner for someone, or something.  Who knows.  Maybe they're smarter and don't come out in this cold. A highlight for me is when I can call my daughter into the office and show her some kind of bird that isn't often at the feeders .. a northern flicker, or a woodpecker, or some other sort of 'cool' bird.  The waxwings are fun, and show up in party packs!  Hundreds at once!  The other seasons offer better opportunities to see many more kinds of birds, but in winter, you take what you can get.
I wait, not so patiently, to hear - because its often the hearing that happens first, not the seeing - that first robin of spring.  My WHOLE circle of people KNOW when this happens because I announce it to anyone who will listen, and even those who would rather not.  I can not contain myself.  After a winter as long as we have, that first robin's song is "seeing" spring, even if there's still snow around, for me anyhow.

Seeing is perspective and attitude.  Sometimes its about hearing.

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  1. Super cool Susan. I notice that we both chose the same background & I adore bird-watching, I like your perspective on it :)